About us

Lotus Film has been producing feature films and documentaries for cinema and television since 1990, from 2023 on under the lead of managing director Tommy Pridnig.

Our aim is to enable and produce films that remain in the audiovisual memory and reach as many people as possible through relevance. As Lotus Film, we stand for high-quality and sophisticated productions that are both meaningful and entertaining.

Our repertoire includes cinema feature films such as Northern Skirts by Barbara Albert, Measuring the Worldt by Detlev Buck, The Fox by Adrian Goiginger, Nacissus and Goldmund by Stefan Ruzowitzky as well as the documentaries Losses to Be Expected and Animal Love by Ulrich Seidl and Megacities, Workingman's Death and Whores' Glory by Michael Glawogger. We have also produced a number of high-quality television films such as Intrigue and Love by Leander Haußmann, The White Leprechaun by Marvin Kren and various films in the "Landkrimi" series directed by Nikolaus Leytner, Michael Glawogger and Barbara Eder.


We have already worked with a large number of talented directors, including Barbara Albert, Detlev Buck, Stefan Ruzowitzky, Nikolaus Leytner, Elisabeth Scharang, Barbara Eder, Barbara Caspar, Thomas Roth, Alexander Freydank, Sascha Bigler, Götz Spielmann, Tobi Baumann, Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi, Wim Wenders, Marvin Kren and many more.

Company Vision & Sustainable Production

Sustainable behaviour as well as environmental and climate protection are an essential part of our company ideology. We see it as our responsibility to think and act in a resource-conserving and environmentally conscious manner both in front of and behind the camera and to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. That is why we are committed to green and sustainable production. In the spirit of the green economy, we are convinced that ecology and economy do not contradict each other, but complement each other together with the social component of sustainability. Successful economic activity without violating social and economic values is standard for us and no exception.

In order to fulfil the guidelines for Green Producing, we have reorganised our procedures and the manufacturing processes for our productions. Whenever possible, we use energy-saving equipment, reduce transport and travel to a minimum, use regional, sustainably produced, biodegradable or recyclable resources and avoid waste. Thanks to the growing awareness of the filmmakers, suppliers and partners involved in our productions, we are able to successfully realise our shared desire to work in a sustainable and socially responsible way!

Lotus Filmproduktion GmbH

Tommy Pridnig

Producer | Managing Director

Clemens Wollein


Reinhard Schreiber

Project Coordinator/Green Producing

Lisa Wiesinger


Julian Reinisch


Johanna Halbartschlager

Production Assistant

Lotus Filmrechte GmbH

Tommy Pridnig

Producer | Managing Director

Peter Wirthensohn

Producer | Managing Director